Tuesday, June 23, 2009

secret 31 : dirty highschool politics

can you keep a secret?

few things that i noticed lately :

just because someone x have PMS on daily basis
x mean she has no feelings.
she also can go from zero to bitch in 1 sec.

just because most girls go for bad boys
doesnt mean nice guys should turn.. jerk.

in my world
nice people are always taken for granted
because no matter how badly they were treated
the reply is always ' it's ok...i understand"
...and everyone else
is smart enough not to be involved with the 'politics'
no one wants to mess with 'queen B'

who am i?
that's a secret i'll never tell
i maybe the one living in a oh so gossip girls society


  1. girls always fall for bad boys yek?

    alamak, pocket pun tingin nak jadi bad boys!!!
    tp camana bad boys tu?
    (Dah mula bayangkan wilsmis.. heheh)

  2. dear pocket,

    not all girls.
    dun la like that, the world needs mr nice guy.