Sunday, May 31, 2009

secret 30 : hello, can see or not , i am american lahhh

can you keep a secret?

person A holding our very own mangga
person B holding international mangga-like magazine
person B is making fun of A reading mangga
according to her, it is low class cheap rubbish magazine.
and it is not the 'in' thing to read that in public.

i don't read both mags.
maybe just occasional flips during bookstore visits
but what's the difference?
the content is just more or less the same.

i walked out with the thought,
sometimes the blond and blue eyes are not always beautiful fellow malaysian~
and you don't look anywhere near... american-ish.

who am i?
that's a secret i'll never tell
i maybe the one eavesdropping and not having blue eyes contact lens on

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