Wednesday, April 29, 2009

secret 24 : literally driving you crazy

can you keep a secret?

i suck at driving *L0L*
really i am.
be it the real driving
just name it ...
i'm just plain hopeless.

and with that,
i will study hard and earn more
so i can hire my personal driver.

who am i?
that's s a secret i'll never tell
i maybe the one who drives it MY way


  1. u driving MyWay meh!?

    always thought u'r the girl who drive swiftly.
    but that's a secret u'll never tell.
    u might as well be the perdana who hit me the other day.

  2. hehe

    i horrr the very easily got berangan one while driving.
    accident prone oso...

    LOL maybeeeee~~~ btw is your car okay?

  3. nope, i was riding the Ex5
    the post is :
    HitByPerdanawhen i say the other day, does 2007 counts?