Monday, April 27, 2009

secret 23: no air.... no air

can you keep a secret?

her sweetdream is my nightmare and vice versa.

we don't exactly hate/dislike each other
just that
when we are in the same room
the bad aura is in the airrrrrrr

so anyone who feels like
pulling another person's hair.
i know how it feels *LOL*
you're not alone

who am i?
that's a secret i'll never tell
i maybe the one who is coffee


  1. How i miss u secret lady,
    thought i've lost u,
    now here u are again.

    I'm the guy who got meself a new shoes.
    company shoes.
    the one i got for free:)

  2. hehe hey there~

    hisashiburi ne~ genkiiiiiiiiiiii??

    say hi to your new shoes for me k ^^