Thursday, August 13, 2009

secret 33 : steal-uh- toes?

can you keep a secret?

boys are just like shopping for shoes~

you must have encountered this at least once in life
walking around and bangg found this killer heels on display
not sure whether it's worth buying or not...
plus point : thi$s baby is sure to attract attention and makes other girls go green
minus point: the end of the day...u know you'll end up almost sprain ur ankle.

in the end....
girls like me...
end up choosing the ever so comfortable crocs!
and proud of it!!

in life, there are many tempting moments
question is : are you strong enough?

who am i?
that's a secret i'll never tell
i maybe the one who thinks windowshopping is sure fun


  1. it have been quite a while since my last visit here, forgive the ToMyPocketeers page who cant show your update.

    Or else why would i miss coming ere.

    anyway... idup lg ker tu?:D
    (Kot yer pun nak tanyer kan..)

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